HurriPro GmbH

We're a German company called HurriPro Something-like-an-LLC. We work from Dresden (Germany), as a team of two.



Hey, I'm Lucas - the new manager of HurriPro! Right now, I'm also studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Technical University Dresden.


HurriPro gives me, the young idealist I am, the opportunity to do something of meaning. To help real people. To protect real homes.

And since our products are absolute newcomers to the market (and I've just always wanted to say that): To boldly do what no man has done before!


One of my tasks at HurriPro is to find solutions. That includes planning for our company as well as individual coordination with you for your orders. So feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or ideas.




This is not just a company. It's a vision of life to be fair. It's an idea of support for people in hurricane prone regions. It's a totally new option, that could save a whole lot of houses and with them a whole lot of money and time that could be spent better. It's a dream about providing security.


The HurriPro GmbH is a fresh startup founded in 2018 by Stefan who invented the hurricane protection devices. Still in the process of building a running production, Lucas joined the project in 2019.


The sole purpose of HurriPro is to distribute our products everywhere they can be of help.



Hello, I’m Stefan - inventor and founder of HurriPro! I am a mathematician with big interest in solutions to real world problems.


HurriPro is my passion. It originated from a simple idea: to redirect destructive winds into forces which hold your roof in place. The company was more than a decade in the making. To see it work and protect your home makes me feel proud and happy


One of my tasks at HurriPro is research and development. That includes evaluation of your feedback on how to install our products and use them in case of a storm. Feel free to contact us if you have input on its use or ideas for improvements.