Learn how to use your HurriPro


Before you can strap in for an approaching hurricane, you'll have to

  • figure out how many devices you need and where you want to place them (see below)
  • get a HurriPro in our shop
  • install anchors in the ground

The shipment of big packages from Germany to the USA takes several weeks and qualified installers have a tight schedule. So make sure to get this done long in advance.


Note: The HurriPro is specifically designed for mobile homes and houses with a metal roof or single ply roof. These are especially at risk to fly away, as the large plates catch a lot of wind. But on the other hand, the HurriPro can hold them down "as a whole". Sadly, our products don't protect other roof types, like standard shingle roofs.


Once the media and the National Hurricane Center issue a storm warning for your region, install the HurriPro. Installation is quick and easy and the HurriPro does not block your window view or entrance doors. Now is the time to protect your home:

Note: This is not a manual nor does it replace one. For detailed instructions and specifications, check below.  We can't emphasize strongly enough how crucial it is for you to evacuate in case of a storm - whether or not you use our protection devices.

Get the HurriPro from your storage and put it down close to the anchors.

Remove the anchor caps.

Roll / Fold out the HurriPro. Connect the hooks on the short straps to the anchor heads.

Use a tennis training ball (with string attached) to weight the long straps and a racket to shoot the ball over your roof. Alternatively, you can try to throw the ball, or use a ladder and pull the straps to the other side.

Go to the other side of the house and connect each long strap to a ratchet and each ratchet to an anchor.

Tighten the ratchets moderately.

That's it! You're already done. Get a coffee and enjoy your work.

After the hurricane

Once the storm passes, check your home for possible damages especially to gutters and roof edges. Carefully open the ratchets and take down the HurriPro. Inspect it carefully and decide whether it's still in good shape or needs to be replaced.


Take a deep breath, look at your house. How does it feel to have protected the place you and your family live at? How does it feel to move back into your home?

Learn where to place the HurriPro

The HurriPro devices provide optimal protection if about one third of the area around your home is covered. Less coverage means less protection. But you should also avoid a structural overload.


You could place one or two HurriPro devices on each of the shorter sides of your home and two, three or four on each of the longer sides. Leave a gap of at least the width of the HurriPro on each side of it.


The HurriPro will not only hold your roof in place, but also protect your windows and doors from many forms of flying debris when placed accordingly. You have a choice between the HurriPro S (4' wide) and the HurriPro X (6' wide). 


Note: Since all houses are different, we can't provide a general recommendation on the number, placement and version of the HurriPro for you to use. The description above is a pretty good rule of thumb, but can't be interpreted as instruction for optimal protection or a guarantee to avoid structural overload. For actual values of structural load, check the manual.

About the anchors

Option 1

Ask a professional contractor, e.g. Florida Retrofits in Palm Bay, FL 32905

(ask for Cody Thomas, he has experience with HurriPro).

Option 2

OPTION 2: Ask for "eye anchors", "helical pile anchors" or "mobile home anchors" which match the soil classification of your property and the specifications in the manual.


Here are some suggestions where to look:

Ensure that the eyes (if you use eye anchors) or the double heads (if you use mobile home anchors) are large enough to connect to the hooks on the straps. Drill the anchors into the ground after you have decided where you will place the nets. Check the top for an installation overview.


In this manual you find detailed instructions on how to use the HurriPro.


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HurriPro Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB