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Why nothing else really works

You might have heard of other ways to protect your home from the dangerous forces in a hurricane. But read why your roof is at risk and understand why our method works best.

When a hurricane attacks your house, it generates a pressure difference between the side from which the wind is blowing (upwind) and the downwind side.


Basically, the storm pushes your roof from the one side and pulls from the other until its anchorage breaks and it's tilted.

Once this happens, there's no way to save it. Your roof either breaks up into pieces or might even be lifted up into the air much like the wing of a plane. 

In any case, it's not only lost, but becomes a deadly pile of flying debris - posing a threat to structures and people in the area. For example here...


Of course, you can try to counter that effect by reinforcing the roof's anchorage or securing it with conventional straps. That works only until the maximum load of these devices is reached. Then, they inevitably break as well and nothing can save your home.

Why HurriPro does work

The keyword for HurriPro devices is "dynamic". Our panels work like sails that catch the wind, using the hurricane's own weapons against it. The faster the wind blows, the stronger they pull on the attached straps, which then hold your roof in place securelySee how it's installed...

These panels are made from a special material and have been fine-tuned over ten years of research. A team of specialists led by Stefan worked out complex and precise calculations, models and prototypes. The result is a device that not only exerts just the right force to defy the storm dynamically, but also works as a shield against flying debris!


Nobody else offers anything like the new HurriPro (we should know, since we have the patent). Protect your home now.


Note: The HurriPro is specifically designed for mobile homes and houses with a metal roof or single ply roof. These are especially at risk to fly away, as the large plates catch a lot of wind. But on the other hand, the HurriPro can hold them down "as a whole". Sadly, our products don't protect other roof types, like standard shingle roofs.

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